Products at a glance
  Various models of ground power unit operational in the Indian military market.
Dc Ground Power Unit - 24v & 28v Dc, 1500amp Peak Current.
AC/DC Ground Power Unit -- For Alh.
Hydraulic Trolly -- For Alh.
Mig Bis GPU -- For Bison Aircraft.
90kva GPU -- For Mig 29k. Navy
Static Frequency Converter - SFC
S.M.P.S. Battery Charger.
Ni-Cad Battery Charger -- Equivalent To Christi.
 GPU Features
Electric vehicle for ease of deployment.
MOSFET speed controller.
S.M.P.S. battery charger with float & boost application.
Aluminium body light weight brushless alternator.
High powered 6 cylinder turbo super charged air cooled enhance tbo, mtbf & total life.
Acrylic powder coated & epoxy painted chassis for long lasting finish.
 Service & Support

We provide maintenance, upgradation & modification of imported & indigenious GPU. Also provide assistance for deciding GPU capacity.

 Modules used in Ground Power Unit
Prime Mover Diesel Engine
Operation of this engine between 1500 to 1800 rpm ensures long operational life, low noise and long mean time between failures.
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415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz AC Alternator
The alternator can be operated from 1500 to 1800 rpm for 50/60 Hz power.
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Static Frequency Converter - SFC
This is based on solid state IGBT Digital Technology and has an output of 40 kVA, 200 V, 3 phase, 400Hz.
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Controls and Metering
A microprocessor based control system is used complete with digital fault and parameter annunciation.
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Electrical Vehicle
The electrical vehicle is based on a chassis fabricated from high strength welded tubular members into which various elements like front steeing, differenctial gear box, and tandem brakes are integrated.
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Front Cabin and Rear Enclosure
The front cabin and rear enclosures are fabricated with sheet metal with square pipe reinforcement which is powerder coated.
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Traction Batteries and SMPS Battery Charger
The battery charger is intelligent and based on Switch Mode Power Supply with ripple free output.
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Transformer Rectifier Unit
This is a high efficiency 3 phase air cooled transformer with a 6 pulse diode based rectification system.
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