Modules used in Ground Power Unit
Prime Mover Diesel Engine
415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz AC Alternator
Static Frequency Converter - SFC
Controls and Metering
Electrical Vehicle
Front Cabin and Rear Enclosure
Traction Batteries and SMPS Battery Charger
Transformer Rectifier Unit
 Static Frequency Converter - SFC

This is based on solid state IGBT Digital Technology and has an output of 40 kVA, 200 V, 3 phase, 400Hz.

The SFC is capable of 110% load for 1 hour and 150% load for 5 Secs.

The SFC has been tested and approved for operation as per JSS 55555 and tested at -30deg.C, +55 deg. C, and 95% RH test. The test involved soaking at these conditions for 16 hours and operation for 30 minutes after soaking.

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