Modules used in Ground Power Unit
Prime Mover Diesel Engine
415 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz AC Alternator
Static Frequency Converter - SFC
Controls and Metering
Electrical Vehicle
Front Cabin and Rear Enclosure
Traction Batteries and SMPS Battery Charger
Transformer Rectifier Unit
 About Us

Avish Aviation Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Pune was formed in 1994 to provide world class Ground Support Equipment to aircraft operators in India at a reasonable cost. The aviation and engineering background of the founder members and the association with world leaders in GSE like Houchin,UK; Houbart,USA and Anton Pillar Germany could provide well proven technology as a basis for the design, development and manufacture of Role Support Equipment. Association with these firms was an essential input to this aim. Indigenisation was thought of to be an essential ingredient to reduce the cost of equipment to the customer.


The company after providing GPU, Air Starts and Load Banks to the civil aircraft operators, and is presently concentrating on the requirement of the Military Aviation GSE. Almost 300 Ground Power Units in four variants are operational with the IAF, IN and Army Aviation Core. These GPUs are built with a number of new concepts to make them Customer Friendly. These units are built on special Electric Vehicle for ease of deployment. The basic power generated is 50/60 Hz to make it fit for alternate commercial application. Dead 400Hz is generated by a special Static Frequency Converter (SFC) mounted inside the GPU itself. Almost 150 SFCs are operational all over the country both in sub zero Ladakh and hottest Rajasthan. 28Volts DC Power is available up to 1600 Amps on these GPUs.


A number of new projects are also on the anvil like AN-32 starting aggregate and a universal GPU that should be able to start and service full variety of aircraft held by the IAF. This GPU shall be built with "Hangar Operation" capability to provide fully regulated AC/DC power inside the hangar by connecting to 415V 3 Phase 50 Hz non regulated commercial power, to avoid noise and exhaust pollution inside the hangar. The firm is also in the process of designing the most advance Air Cycle based aircraft ground cooling unit for the MMRCA.

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